Information for Ukrainian refugees with a bleeding disorder

The European organization (EHC) for people with bleeding disorders collected information for people who are leaving Ukraine due to the ongoing armed conflict. The NVHP collected the most important information for Ukrainian refugees who want to travel to the Netherlands.

Checklist: what you should consider before you come to your destination country:

  • If you have no accommodation (friends, relatives) foreseen in the country, it is best to contact the local organisation before you flee. See ‘upon arrival in the Netherlands’ for more information.
      • Let them know how many people are coming with you.
      • Let them know whether you are coming with your own car and whether you are mobile within the country.
      • Let them know if you have any mobility issues.
      • Let them know if you have a COVID-19 vaccination.
      • Let them know if you are bringing your treatment product with you.
      • Let them know if you can self-infuse.
  • If possible, plan not to arrive in the evening or during the weekend.
  • Ukrainian cash could be exchanged in euros, for example at GWK Travelex.
  • It is helpful to install WhatsApp. Viber is not common in the Netherlands.

Important: please make sure you have all your medical documents with you, especially if you require special care and/or medications.

Read the full article at the website from the EHC.

  • Upon arrival in the Netherlands

Most European countries have established a centralised system to welcome and care for refugees. We strongly recommend that the first contact you establish is with these official systems, so that all the available support, such as accommodation and food, as well as the essential documentation and legal advice, is accessible to you!

Here we have collected the websites for refugees from Ukrain in the Netherlands:

  • Ukrain refugees find al kinds of information about their stay in the Netherlands via: The information is avalaible in Dutch, English, Russian and Ukrainian. This website is part of Vluchtelingenwerk, the Dutch organization for refugees. 
  • On the website you will find the latest information about procedures.
  • Via you will find information in different languages.
  • The Immigration and Nuaturalization Service (IDN) from the national government has also created a webpage with information for Ukrainian refugees.
  • Care for people from Ukrain with a bleeding disorder

It is essential to inform receiving officials that you or your child has a bleeding disorder, so that they can take the necessary steps to support you, such as by contacting a treatment centre and national patient organisation in the respective country, as well as provide you with relevant information on the healthcare offered to refugees. Here is a phrasebook in Dutch that can be useful for this purpose.

Health care 

The Netherlands is ready to receive Ukrainian refugees who flee to our country. The provision of medically necessary care to refugees form Ukrain is reimbursed. This has been decided by the Ministry of Health, Well-being and Sport. Check this website for more information. 

Treatment centre 

The website contains an updated list of all the European Haemophlia Centres and can help you find the nearest treatment centre to you. In the Netherlands you will find six treatment centres. 

    • NVHP for Ukrainian refugees

    We are the Dutch organization for people with hemophilia or an inherented bleeding disorder. Together with de European organization we have asked the Dutch government to allow Ukrainian refugees with a bleeding disorder to enter the Netherlands. The NVHP has sent a letter (drawn up by the EHC) and accompaying statement of support to the members of the House of Representatives amd members of the Committee on Public Health, Well-being and Sport. 

    In addition, the NVHP is also looking for contact persons for refugees from Ukrain. For example, to help you with practical information about how care and reimbursement is arranged in the Netherlands but also to provide more information about education for childeren of arranging crutches. For more information you can contact us.

    Do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our organization. We will offer you further support related to your bleeding disorder and other things.